Sanjay Pande is a technologist, writer, seminar speaker and e-mail copywriter. He’s has co-founded a few different companies.

He’s considered as one of the leading e-mail copywriters in technology. Here’s what one of the world’s most famous e-mail copywriters said about him …

“I’ve known Sanjay for a a while now, and have found him to be one of the best marketing specialists in the industry. He’s worked with many prestigious companies and clients and has helped me navigate everything from Kindle marketing to FaceBook advertising. He’s also one of the best (if not THE best) technology writers on the planet.” - Ben Settle

If you’ve not heard of him, it’s because he likes to keep a low profile and is quite an introvert, most of the time. You’ve likely read some of his ads though.

To give you an idea, some of the statistics that may be interesting are:

  • A sales letter that achieved a Staggering 83.42% Click to Sales Conversion Rate (endorsed traffic)!
  • Selling a very high-end technology course using the 3-little pigs fable
  • A single headline to a client, created an instant windfall of $50,000 worth of contracts over a period of 3 months
  • Trashing a product to rack up the highest number of sales in a contest (completely counter-intuitive to most people and what they’re used to)
  • A simple video that converted at 63.33% on an upsell

“I’ve used Sanjay’s marketing services for about a year now. He clearly has expertise that outshines all others when it comes to applying marketing knowledge. One of the marketing efforts he put together for me resulted in a $30,000 contract for work. I can honestly say, that Sanjay’s attention to detail along with his video mastery has pushed the client to sign real work for me. If you want these kinds of results for your business, then there’s only one thing to do… Hire Sanjay and your profitability will surely increase.” - Dan Linstedt, CTO and Co-Founder at ScaleFree

Not Currently Available For Hire

Sanjay does not particularly enjoy working for clients and prefers to do work on his own businesses. In some very rare cases he may take up a gig or two once in a while, if you can get him to take time away from his own businesses and his family.

He’s put together a few products to help people to start writing effective e-mails that sell. While he specializes in the technology niche, his strategies have been used in other niches equally effectively.

Upcoming Books

Sanjay is writing a high-end technology book and co-writing two books with legendary marketer and copywriter Ted Nicholas who is responsible for producing over 7.9 billion dollars in sales for himself and his clients around the world