Batmans Weird Marketing Secret

Here’s How Batman Would Do Marketing and Why it’s Very Powerful for You!

Let’s talk about something important to your bottom line:


To me, Batman is one of the most interesting superheroes because unlike spiderman, superman or the hulk; he as NO superpowers.

Zilch … Nada … Zero!

So, what keeps the guy going?

A ton of money? (It helps)

Yes, he has a lot of money but he is also at the highest risk of getting hurt (both as batman and as Bruce Wayne).

Batman uses stealth tactics for his arsenal of weapons and usually only comes out at night (where he can use the power of his superior weapons in the dark).

If you were in a battle at night, then you would want night vision goggles to have superior vision compared to your competition. Because you could see them much better than they would be able to see you.

Can’t blame you.

I would!

Similarly, dropping an ad into public media such as a newspaper, a magazine, a TV spot or a radio spot may NOT be as hot an idea as you’ve been led to believe.

In fact it may NOT be a good idea at all!

It’s far too easy for your competition to spy on you and come up with something better.

Batman wouldn’t use it!

If Batman were to sell something, which medium would he choose?

“Direct Mail!”


Without question it’s the most cost-effective and stealth way to get to your customers (and be more personal at the same time).

But, when you do craft these pieces - you do need to create a sales message so compelling that the orders just keep flowing in.

It’s actually much easier than most people think.

Most people don’t even do it (and many do it badly).

Ted Nicholas did it at age 23 and he didn’t know much.

He used direct mail to sell 200,000 copies of a $20 book at first. He then went on to build a publishing empire and he tells his story of how he did it here …

Think like Batman and you should do pretty well too.


Sanjay Pande

PS: When Batman comes across information that helps him improve his weapons, he gets it as soon as possible.

You should be the same way about your business.