What Color Is Your Ad?

Do you want to learn how to get around 4 times as many people to read your ads and increase your response?


Of course, who wouldn’t …

Ok, here goes:

Now, ads do come in different shapes, sizes and even mediums. I’m only going to talk about print ads in newspapers and magazines where you would probably pay a pretty penny for an insert and really want it to work for you.

Let’s do some basic math

    10000 People read the paper
    1000 See your ad
    100 read your ad
    10 respond

If you paid $500 and 10 people paid made you a profit on average of $50 per head, you broke even on that campaign and will easily be able to make profits on the back-end and we’ll talk about that another day.

What if you could increase the readership of your ad 5 times - making 5000 people see your ad?

You can!

Remember this - 5 times as many people read articles when compared to people who read ads.

If you disguise your ad as an article and make it look exactly like an article in the publication you are advertising, you can make 5 times as many people not just see it, but read it.

Some publications really dislike it and consider it deceptive. They will force you to add the word “Advertisement” on top - which is called a “slug”

You can always pull your ad if they insist on it.

Let’s do some basic math again

    10000 People read the paper
    5000 See your ad (5 times)
    500 read your ad (It's an article so even more will)
    50 respond

Front-end profits $2500 - $500 = $2000

There is more to it, such as the words you use the actual audience of the publication and the offer.

Personally I think I would like to be in the second example. So forget about designers and your logo. Make your ads look like articles and reap the benefits.

None … I repeat NONE of your competitors will even know what you are doing.

Pretty cool eh?

I learnt this simple trick from an absolute master in advertising called Ted Nicholas.